Creating Engaging Content

Depending on what you’re marketing, a video trailer might be a great way to engage with your readers.

If you are advertising a book, creating a book trailer will draw readers into the novel in the same way a movie would, making them see the book come to life, before they’ve even read the story. You don’t have to giveaway plot points or even the entire storyline in a trailer. Give the viewer the same information that they would find in a book blurb that will make them desire to pick up the book and find out more.

A great trailer will make the person reach out to you and purchase whatever it is that you’re offering. Have you seen a movie trailer that captivated you and made you go buy the book before the film came out, or perhaps made you anxious to see the movie on opening day?

You want to recreate that same experience for your audience.

A video trailer is also a great piece of ad copy for branding your business. Showcase what it is that you offer. You can include your own photos, videos, or use stock images depending on the business that you’re showcasing.

If you have a logo, be sure to include that in the video. Video trailers can be shared on social media and your website, among other places as well. Have a television in your office? You video trailer can be viewed on blu-ray or dvd and is a great way to introduce yourself to new customers and potential clients.

Video trailers are just one aspect of creative content. You can also use Facebook Live to engage with your audience. Offer a question and answers sessions. Have your viewers type in questions and answer them live. If you’re selling clothes then you can model the latest outfits that you have available live.

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